Category: Fairy Tales

Inherited Land

There once was a Princess who was sent to live on a plot of land inherited by her grandparents. It held many family secrets and was said to be a sacred place for the family. On the land was a big house with many rooms and happy smells. Everyday food was cooked to perfection and Read More

Babagoonosh & The Princess

The Princess wanted so badly to flee the underground basement of her mother’s castle. Her whole life she had the door in front of her to leave. But, scared of the unknown, she had always stayed inside. Until finally one day, she could no longer stay. She gathered her pet bird, Babagoonosh, a gift from Read More

The Crone’s Life

Crone: an old woman who is thin and ugly. Many years ago, the Crone lived a life of solitude in the enchanted forest. In a faraway Kingdom lived a princess, who was so wildly misbehaved, the King and Queen needed to send her away. Often times, when children of nobleness, such as this Princess, misbehaved, Read More

The Flowering Babagoonosh

There once was a Princess who lived in a castle with the most impressive gardens. When she became of age, the Princess started growing her own gardens on the estate. But sadly, she was unable to grow, for her green thumb simply did not work. The Princess cried for her garden did not bloom. But Read More

The Princess, The Bad Man & Their Feathered Friend

In old town Gallawalena, lived a Princess. Her parents forbade her from leaving the castle, for the world was too scary for their little Princess. Since she was young, fear of suffocation often haunted the Princess, for the castle was massive but her heart and adventurous spirit were even bigger. To settle her fear, the Read More